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Chad Burnett-Borchert


About me: As a 20 year seasoned professional in the bicycle industry, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the technology of both road and off-road bicycles. Working for Colorado Cyclists, one of the largest bicycle companies in the US, I was personally able to see advancements in the geometries for mountain bikes, and the evolution for disk brakes on high-end road bikes. We’ve come a long way to say the least. The sheer power and performance that today’s athletes are able to produce with these bikes is incredible. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of it.

Why I got into bike fitting: Over the last handful of years, I really started to notice customers complaining about how there bicycle actually fit their body. Someone would spend $7500 on a nice road bike, and still end up with aches and pains after each ride. That’s when I started researching Paul Swifts system, BikeFit. I went down to see Paul to have him professionally fit one of my own bikes in their BikeFit studio. I was sold! Immediately convinced, I knew I had to bring this technology to Colorado Springs. So I spent some time working with BikeFit to get my own certification to fit other cycle enthusiasts just like myself.

The process will change the way you look at yourself in relation to your bicycle. The fit of your bicycle is almost just as important as buying the right size bicycle. Amen! My professional bike fitting service helps riders achieve maximum comfort and performance. This allows the rider to train longer and work harder to reach their personal goals. So contact me to get started right away!

Let’s get started