Questions about fitting a road bike specifically handlebar interface and possible hand positions.

There are several new hand positions possible when you have a handlebar that is properly aligned for your individual fit. The question is can I be in a racing more aero position without straining my back over time. The answer is yes with a combination of pro fit features such as proper metatarsal knee movement tracking fluidly.

Professionally fitting a road bike.

When properly fitting a road bike for our customer.┬áThe rider’s position on the bike is imperative to direct power transfer accurately to the pedal system. We start with improving pedal alignment by reducing the medial-lateral knee movement when pedaling.

Fitting a Mountain Bike for the enthusiest or intermediate level rider.

Today we are focusing on contact points specific to the bicycle for our customer. One of the most important contact points on the bicycle is your Foot Pedal contact and where your locked into a pedal system. It is very important that your medial lateral movement is tracking correctly over the pedals in relationship with your knee movement. This is where a lot of standard non-certified fits can not correct indirectly causing the customer pain. This interface with the pedal effects overall power transfer to

Bike Fitting Cyclocross Specific Bicycles

When setting up Cyclocross specific bicycle one has to remember the geometry of these specific bicycles include a higher bottom bracket height right out of the gate.

How to properly adjust your road bike saddle

Your saddle position is one of the most important interfaces between you and your bike. Improper position of your saddle can lead to saddle soars and uncomfortable riding positions. Getting this right can make your riding experience 100% better and at the same time make your efforts better suited to your training program. You can not maintain consistency in any cycling specific training program when your recovering from saddle abrasions.

Bike Fitting in Colorado Springs

There are only two Level 1 BikeFit certified bike fitters in Colorado Springs, Co. The need for biomechanical trained fitters has increased exponentially in the past three years with all of the technology associated with the bike industry keeps evolving with little warning. Having a professional bike fitter help you ergonomically fit your favorite machine is essential today. Feel free to schedule a fit with me and we can get started making you the customer more familiar with your new bicycle or maybe eliminate some

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Hi, My friends call me Chaz and this is my blog area for my professional fit business. I am very comfortable answering questions in regards to fitting an array of different bicycles. I am very good with anticipating what a customer might need right out of the gate. I will get you on a Feedback Omnium trainer and immediately start shooting 360 degree video of you pedaling your machine. I am a big believer in Dr. Katrina Vogel, MS DPT processes of getting your knees

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